This Is The Story Of How 3 Canadian Dental Practice Owners Were Able To Free Themselves By Injecting Multiple 6 Figures Of New Revenue Into Their Businesses... AND Making It Happen In Less Than 3 Months!

All While Working Fewer Hours Than Ever Before - Finally 
Getting To Enjoy The Life They Became Practice Owners For!

Maybe you’ve heard of Jonathan Verroche, DD of St. Catharines Ontario, Aaron Arifovski, DD in Ottawa Ontario or Dr. Michael Cohen of Burlington Ontario… maybe you haven’t. Either way, my question to you is this: what do they all have in common? It’s not that they are all just Canadian dental practice owners, and it’s not that they all own their own practice, although both are true. 

The answer is that they’ve figured out the secret to making their dental practice work without them and as a result of that, they’ve all been able step away from the chair while simultaneously injecting multiple 6  figures of revenue into their practices. I say they figured out the secret, but that’s not totally true. 

What I mean is they’ve all activated the same formula to produce those results. Successfully building a multiple 7-figure practice is not luck, and it’s not a mystery… it’s a formula!

And it’s not just these three dental practice owners who’ve used this formula to break free either. In fact, since March of 2017 over 80 practices in 6 countries covering 190 locations have used our formula.
I’m just name dropping a few to get your attention :-)

So how did they do it?

Jonathan Verroche 
Verroche Denture Clinic
St. Catharines Ontario
The answer is they changed their model from being like every other practice to focusing on high ticket, high margin cases.

Just what is that you are thinking? Well, they laser-beam focused specifically on dentures, overdentures and implants.

Here’s something you might not know:

It costs the same in advertising to generate an overdenture case as it does to generate a lower revenue service you are probably providing right now (I’m sure you can think of a few right off the top of your head!)

Did you know that?

Most denturists have no idea that’s the case!

And that’s why they’re stuck on the hamster wheel.

They’re putting in massive effort, but it’s in the wrong areas.

They’re investing in their growth, but it’s in the wrong areas.

Aaron Arifovski 
Nova Denture and Implant Centre
Ottawa Ontario
Results - January 13 to April 13  2022:
3,784,983 impressions generating 12,547 clicks for a 0.33% click through rate. That's just 61 cents per click. All this activity generated a total of 147 patient consultation requests. 
Hayes Leung, DD
Hayven Dentures
"We built our denture implant practices around this system. The educational approach to our new patients fills our schedules up for weeks in advance. This works"

Aaron Arifovski, DD
Nova Denture and Implant Centre
"It's going really well! What surprised me was that 50% of the patients are putting on the form that they are interested in implants. Now we have some kind of overdenture plan because they asked about it."
Jonathan Verroche, DD
Verroche Denture Clinic
"In 1 week we did over $120,000 in cosmetic & ortho cases.  If you are constantly educating the right people then you'll get the decision at the right time. That Smiling Dentist® leads with the understanding that people just want teeth."
Dr. Michael Cohen
Owner, Lakeside Family Dental
"We are in a highly competitive area and generate hundreds of implant, denture & All-on-4® patient calls monthly. We are always booked two months out. The focus on big cases combined with staff mindset are priceless."
Dr. Greg Olivieri
Owner, Niagara Falls Dental
"I made my full advertising spend back in one week. Overdentures, snap ons, implants, full arches. I've never seen anything work so well.  By contrast my spend on other platforms was 5X more with not even a fraction of the results.  
Jonathan Verroche, DD 
Owner, Verroche Denture Clinic
"I love how you lead with education.  As an owner of 4 practices across the city, and being faced with new practices opening yearly, having a system that increases chair time value through knowledge is critical.  
Dr. Russ Grover
Owner, Grover Dental
"As the office manager for over 5 offices in one of the busiest cities in the world, I've never seen anything like this.  We have worked with their team for over 5 years now and it's an integral reason for the new walk in's monthly"
Cindy Caklos 
Office Manager, Dental Centres 
"Being in the middle of downtown we have close to 200+ dentists within a small radius of our practice.  We attract the types of cases I need to do which are full reconstructive, multiple implant related cases. 
Dr. Ali Khadivi 
Owner, Dental Centres

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